Choosing The Right Security Guard Company

Thing To Consider When Selecting a Security Company


Now a days buyers have immense amount of power in regards to obtaining information on businesses, security companies are not exempt from this fact. Most security companies obtain the majority of their clients through word of mouth so checking their reviews online is a great first step. Reviews will show you how previous customers interacted with the company as well as former employees of the security company felt about the work environment.

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A reputable security company will have Account Managers meet with you as well as their business development manager during their service presentation. Ask the Account manager for SERVICE RELATED references so that you may conduct your own due diligence. This information can be easily obtained and help with the complex decision Metrix that your office may or may not have when it comes to making a decision toward contracting with a security guard company.

Employees can make or break a security guard company, it is vital to see how a security company treats their guards. Take a interest to weather the company has a career section on their website, if so learn weather or not they offer competitive wages and benefits. If a company offers reasonable compensation and benefits the greater chances the company will have high hiring standards and requirements, this indirectly resulting in a higher caliber of employees. The same is for a company that bids well under market value will be a indication in the level of guard that will be securing your high value assets.

Customer Service

If you are new to the security industry you may be surprised to know that 98% of the time the guards duties are more customer service oriented then reporting crimes. It is important to know how a security company trains and evaluates their guards customer service skills prior to assigning a guard to their post. When you consider what your customers see when they arrive to your shopping center, office building, retail store customers will notice landscaping, exterior building designs and yes you guessed it uniformed security guards patrolling the property so it goes without saying that the guards should be approachable.

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With customer service goes knowledge of the property, their is nothing more frustrating then a asking a shopping center security guard for directions to a food court and his response is a blank stare of mathematical mystery. Request that the account manger submits a training plan to your office that outlines the specifics that each guard should know about the property during their post orientation training such as property tours. However their are things we just cannot train adults to do such as being a polite and understanding, which makes it vital to contract with a company that has an established vetting process to remove applicants that lack customer service skills.


It is important to find a company that is transparent with their specialized services, you wouldn’t hire BlackWater paramilitary operators to do mall in Scottsdale Arizona security so make sure the company specializes in the area you are requesting. A reputable company will always acknowledge their limitations because the reality is that we as professionals do not wish to be a jack of all trades. You as a buyer want a company that specializes with events, hiring an event security company will more then likely provide you a much smoother transition plan with a more flexible guard force then a security company that specializes in long term shopping center accounts.

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