Supervision in any industry is vital to the life of a company and R6B Security is no exception to that fact. Our management believes great supervision is the backbone to many security operations. We have three (3) tiers of supervision and quality control to ensure that our security personnel maintain high standards as well as conduct their duties in a proper fashion.

Senior Guard

The Senior guard is a veteran guard of a site of 3 or more guards assigned. The Senior guard ensures uniforms, attendance, reports and day to day customer services are being achieved which rewards our company with a happy client. The senior guard acts as a valuable asset to the Guard Force Commander who oversees guard performances within his/her assigned region.

Guard Force Commander

The Guard Force Commander (GFC) is compared to a area manager who job is to ensure overall security operations meets and exceeds the standards listed. The GFC approves schedule changes, conducts inspections of uniform and work space as well as the overall performance of the guards. R6B Security promotes seasoned security officers from within the company to Guard Force Commander after displaying a sense of pride in uniform and unparalleled performance reports submitted monthly.

R6B Security Guard Force Commander conduction inspections

Inspection Criteria:

Job performance:
Uniform cleanliness
Uniform worn properly
Personal appearance and Hygiene
Job satisfaction or Attitude
Site knowledge and procedures

Account Manager

R6B Account Managers are both 4 year degree graduates of an accredited college with several years experience in the security industry. Their primary concern are performance of the individual accounts within their pro folio and maintain a healthy relationship with the clients. The account manager reviews all reports submitted daily and leads the guard force teams with his region. Our Account Manager will communicate openly with the clients and conduct random surprise inspections of the sites to ensure that not only is the Guard Force Commander doing their job but the guards are kept on their toes at all times.


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