Mobile Security Patrol Services

Patrol route security is the most cost effective service offered. This allows clients to be added to an existing route as a stop. The route security officer can arrive be at night randomly, or at set times, depending on the needs of the client.

It is cost effective because our clients pay for the amount of mobile patrol stops per week. The way our mobile patrol stops are value added to your business is due to the fact that our drivers follow the same route each night enabling them to be subject matter experts of your individual property. We keep our prices simple which are based on the number of mobile patrol stops. The next factor is the amount of time the client requires on site for each patrol stop.

R6B Security Marked Mobile Patrol Services

We use a real time reporting system which digitally records the exact time that our security patrol officer arrives onsite as well as leaves the client’s site. This allows the client to see the arrival and departure logs in real time and maintain transparency at all times.

We also provide a Mobile Patrol vehicle to remain onsite for assigned properties. The security patrol officer will conduct mobile patrols of the property the entire shift which deterring any possible illegal activities .

On site security mobile patrol is effective for sites that are too large to be patrolled by a foot.  Another reason is where a marked vehicle is needed as a way to keep bad people off site. The officer will patrol your property in a fully marked mobile patrol vehicle.

We typically deploy our more senior level of security officers as Vehicle Patrol drivers. Their proven time management, performance, dedication, trustworthiness and clean driving record.


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