Mission and Vision

R6B Security holding keys and radioMission

R6B Security mission is set the standard for other security guard companies to follow by adding value to our customers security program in the most cost effective manner capable.


R6B Security vision is to be seen as a industry leader within the security guard service marketplace by not only meeting our clients standard but exceeding their standards as well. We pride ourselves on the level of training and support we give to our employees and customers alike.

Value Statement

  • Integrity: Placing the mission first.
  • Clients: Ensuring clients have a transparent relationship with us.
  • Employees: All employees our held with respect and integrity.
  • Quality: Security programs will be based on quality at all times.
  • Leadership: Set the standards for others to follow.
  • Teamwork: Only by working as a unit will we achieve our goals.

Quality Policy 

We make every effort to ensure customers and employees are supplied with the finest equipment and technology to ensure each security program has value added to their individual account. We use a three step quality control manual that ensures the review from Guard Force Commander(s) Site Account Manager(s), and the General Manager.


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