20190123_105449Wayne Dixon, R6B Security Corporate Affairs Director

Appointed: January 2018

Skills and experience: Wayne has extensive commercial Security experience and a Bachelor in Business. He has served his country for a decade in the United States Army with multiple deployments and Received Awards for acts of Bravery prior to joining R6B Security in 2018.

He was also the Reginal logistic Director for Grey Feather Solutions where he was responsible for overseeing the logistical equipment security. Wayne was also selected to led the transformation of the business to a Government Contracting company specializing in train the trainer Force Protection Officer Courses.



Vincent Ulibarri, Sales and Marketing Director

Appointed: February 2018
Skills and experience: Vincent joined R6B Security in May 2018 in the role of Regional Sales Operations Director and moved in to the role of Sales Director for the Arizona region shortly afterwards. Vincent holds a bachelor degree in Marketing. Prior to joining R6B Security held many different roles in sales operations and Field marketing within the security industry.

He has served as a sales operations manager for one of Arizona’s leading beverage distribution company. Vincent is known to establish strong business relationships with customers due to his attention to detail and customer follow up skills to ensure customer satisfaction. Vincent has also had a career as a contracting officer under the Berkshire Hathway umbrella. During the acquisition of AquaCell Environmental CO. Vincent built strong customer relationships, furthermore working for AquaCell Vincent’s  marketing skills lead to multiple nation wide clients. Under his leadership experience he also acquired  Multi million dollar portfolios.


FB_IMG_1549223240205Mark Belloff, Regional Operations Manager

Appointed: May 2018

Skills and Experience: Marks roles include Guard Strategy & Commercial Operations for R6B Security, where he led the transformation of the business, improving operations, customer service and sales. Prior to joining R6B Security, Mark held a number of senior line and functional roles in the defense and technology industries where he was responsible for Intelligence Collections and Security strategies, technology development and leadership where he served in the Army as a lead Signals Intelligence instructor.



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