Tips For Event Security

Event Security can be demanding, entertaining, nerve-racking and exciting – sometimes in equal dealings! Comparable to most events, research is crucial, especially when there are a lot of people attending.

It is vital that the event planner guests have a wonderful experience, but it’s imperative to safeguard the guest even if that means from themselves. Security events often include high profile attendees including celebrities, therefore the best security program must be considered.


The event planner should be walked through on key parts of the security program. Keep the plan simple to understand and easy to explain.
The Lead security officer and Account Manager should conduct a Risk Assessment of the venue prior to the event. During the risk assessment they should note the entrances, fire exits, restricted areas, bar location if liquor is served and a control center.

Event Security building

Once the entrance has been identified, crowd control management will need to be analyzed in great depth. The biggest issue we have found is the end of a events such as parking lots as well as static groups of people interfering with the flow of traffic.

It makes life a lot easier for everyone if there is an established transition plan to anticipate the closing of the event such as parking lot control procedures.


In order to have an effective Security Program, the accountability of the Security Team is massive. It is important that all duties and plans are known because if one area is weak, security could be damaged.

Rehearsals should be done if time permits, guards should be given an orientation of the venue so that they can be prepared to cover down if guard force needs to shift at a moment’s notice.

An effective security event program is well planned and a organized system of small parts working together to achieve success. Ensure all event planner is aware of the post duties for major functioning parts such as entry, exit and emergency plans.

Event Security Social Media Use

With social media being so prevalent today, advise the event planner to post clear rules, dress codes and parking assignments. This will have a great positive effect on the guest that arrive, making the security program more efficient.  By clearly communicating the “do’s and don’ts” to attendees,’ staff and security can keep the entrance and exits clear.

Budget For Event Security

The cost of security for your event should be well-thought-out in advance, not as a reflection. So using a Cost effective security is important

Security is an essential portion of running an effective and safe event. It is imperative that using a trusted and reliable Event Security company should be high on your priority list.


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