Tips For Event Security

Event Security can be demanding, entertaining, nerve-racking and exciting – sometimes in equal dealings! Comparable to most events, research is crucial, especially when there are a lot of people attending.

It is vital that the event planner guests have a wonderful experience, but it’s imperative to safeguard the guest even if that means from themselves. Security events often include high profile attendees including celebrities, therefore the best security program must be considered.


The event planner should be walked through on key parts of the security program. Keep the plan simple to understand and easy to explain.
The Lead security officer and Account Manager should conduct a Risk Assessment of the venue prior to the event. During the risk assessment they should note the entrances, fire exits, restricted areas, bar location if liquor is served and a control center.

Event Security building

Once the entrance has been identified, crowd control management will need to be analyzed in great depth. The biggest issue we have found is the end of a events such as parking lots as well as static groups of people interfering with the flow of traffic.

It makes life a lot easier for everyone if there is an established transition plan to anticipate the closing of the event such as parking lot control procedures.


In order to have an effective Security Program, the accountability of the Security Team is massive. It is important that all duties and plans are known because if one area is weak, security could be damaged.

Rehearsals should be done if time permits, guards should be given an orientation of the venue so that they can be prepared to cover down if guard force needs to shift at a moment’s notice.

An effective security event program is well planned and a organized system of small parts working together to achieve success. Ensure all event planner is aware of the post duties for major functioning parts such as entry, exit and emergency plans.

Event Security Social Media Use

With social media being so prevalent today, advise the event planner to post clear rules, dress codes and parking assignments. This will have a great positive effect on the guest that arrive, making the security program more efficient.  By clearly communicating the “do’s and don’ts” to attendees,’ staff and security can keep the entrance and exits clear.

Budget For Event Security

The cost of security for your event should be well-thought-out in advance, not as a reflection. So using a Cost effective security is important

Security is an essential portion of running an effective and safe event. It is imperative that using a trusted and reliable Event Security company should be high on your priority list.


Choosing The Right Security Guard Company

Thing To Consider When Selecting a Security Company


Now a days buyers have immense amount of power in regards to obtaining information on businesses, security companies are not exempt from this fact. Most security companies obtain the majority of their clients through word of mouth so checking their reviews online is a great first step. Reviews will show you how previous customers interacted with the company as well as former employees of the security company felt about the work environment.

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A reputable security company will have Account Managers meet with you as well as their business development manager during their service presentation. Ask the Account manager for SERVICE RELATED references so that you may conduct your own due diligence. This information can be easily obtained and help with the complex decision Metrix that your office may or may not have when it comes to making a decision toward contracting with a security guard company.

Employees can make or break a security guard company, it is vital to see how a security company treats their guards. Take a interest to weather the company has a career section on their website, if so learn weather or not they offer competitive wages and benefits. If a company offers reasonable compensation and benefits the greater chances the company will have high hiring standards and requirements, this indirectly resulting in a higher caliber of employees. The same is for a company that bids well under market value will be a indication in the level of guard that will be securing your high value assets.

Customer Service

If you are new to the security industry you may be surprised to know that 98% of the time the guards duties are more customer service oriented then reporting crimes. It is important to know how a security company trains and evaluates their guards customer service skills prior to assigning a guard to their post. When you consider what your customers see when they arrive to your shopping center, office building, retail store customers will notice landscaping, exterior building designs and yes you guessed it uniformed security guards patrolling the property so it goes without saying that the guards should be approachable.

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With customer service goes knowledge of the property, their is nothing more frustrating then a asking a shopping center security guard for directions to a food court and his response is a blank stare of mathematical mystery. Request that the account manger submits a training plan to your office that outlines the specifics that each guard should know about the property during their post orientation training such as property tours. However their are things we just cannot train adults to do such as being a polite and understanding, which makes it vital to contract with a company that has an established vetting process to remove applicants that lack customer service skills.


It is important to find a company that is transparent with their specialized services, you wouldn’t hire BlackWater paramilitary operators to do mall in Scottsdale Arizona security so make sure the company specializes in the area you are requesting. A reputable company will always acknowledge their limitations because the reality is that we as professionals do not wish to be a jack of all trades. You as a buyer want a company that specializes with events, hiring an event security company will more then likely provide you a much smoother transition plan with a more flexible guard force then a security company that specializes in long term shopping center accounts.

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Stresses of Being a Security Officer

Being in the profession in the security industry can be overwhelming which can mean different things to different people. Most of the time it can be rewarding, challenging and also provide you with job security. For those with military or police training, it can mean a lot of satisfaction and pride in being in this field. The main job of a security professional is to protect and monitor at all times people, products and buildings. the work of a security guard could also include safeguarding a movie star at a social event or providing overall security to a concert or a festival where there is a large gathering. The job also entails the protection of businesses and their assets against any theft or robbery. The businesses could have any kind of office complexes, could be hospitals, schools, banks etc.

The security guards, to get the job are required to possess many skills and should be on the vigil the whole time. They have to be well-built and alert at all times and have to ensure the protection of whatever they are safeguarding at all times.

R6B Security conducting checksThey are very well-trained and are capable enough to handle any kinds of risks that they would ever have to face in this kind of a profession. They may sometimes be required to patrol areas which are full of danger and they are also required to restrain crimes like vandalism and robbery. They have a huge responsibility on their shoulders and need to be very cautious and calm in order to deal with many situations which may blow out of proportion.

They can face many risks in their profession.

5 risks a security guard can face are:

  • Risk of Carrying Arms
  • Risk of Being Injured
  • Risk of Being Misjudged
  • Risking their life
  • Risk of physical exhaustion

Office Violence is unfortunately becoming a likely static within the business community, there have been hundreds of reports a year of physical altercations and even shootings. There are no ways to predict the day a secretly disgruntled employee decides to commit acts of violence within the work place but as office managers their are things you can do to deter such acts. All violence has a origin and with proper policies office managers can detect possible violent acts simply by being  proactive.R6B Security Instructor providing courses to guard


Like most companies we conduct a orientation training to all new comers which explain the procedures which directly sets the anticipated work environment. These rules are everything from attendance, quotas, performance and of course acceptable behaviors towards others. Due to your business work load their maybe times when doing a frequent check up on your employees is unfortunately unrealistic. As a office manager you must find the time to hold minimally schedule quarterly check ups with your employees in a common undistracted area to retrain on communication and simply allow employees to vent. Ensure all employees have the comfortability to voice policy violations or needed changes that have a direct influence on their individual workload.


As a office manager it is extremely vital that each level of the facility, such as the managers, employees, and executives must be put through your companies structured orientation and minimum quarterly retraining. With the proper training, employees will understand what to report and what available resources they have available to them in times of needs.  These policies are not just meant to restrict the actions of employees but rather display a comfortable productive environment that wants the best for the workers at all levels. A big thing is keeping them informed about the new policy and  distributing the policy as wide as possible and be sure to know that every employee understands it. Complaints can be handled well with a set of procedures that take care of them quickly and privately. In summary if co workers are trained in proper safety policy they will naturally identify red flag behaviors of fellow workers.


Security Guards Stay Safe this Winter

We must even remember that just because we are in Arizona does not mean the winter nights can not range well below 50 degree, so it is essential that your security officers are dressed for warmth. As a security guard in Phoenix Arizona you are always reminded to properly hydrate and wear clothing that will allow your skin to breath. No matter where you’re based — a bustling shopping center, an office complex, or a private residence — you hold a position of trust and responsibility. To perform at the best of your abilities, you need to combine your training and experience with the best equipment you can lay your hands on — the safer you are, the safer your clients will be.R6B Security holding keys and radio


Benefits of Adding Guard House in Gated Communities

Securing Gated Community

A key element of what attracts families to live in gated communities is their elevated sense of life style as well as security, and as a property manager for the HOA or community, it is your responsibility to the community to deliver on this advantage. Learn what steps you can take to improve safety in your community.

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To start out a simple gate around the community or HOA is an excellent addition that attracts certain residents and reinforces the sense of security, but individually with no additional security program, this barrier is just a over priced gate that looks nice when people drive by the community.

By adding a Guard house to the entry and exit points of the community you are not only adding value to the community but a place for your licensed professional Security Officer to conduct checks in effort to deny access of unauthorized personnel.

Like most things anytime you can add value to a community the massive amount of residents will take pride in their area which in return makes community leaders job more efficient. With R6B Security we can add a heighten sense of security to deter criminal activities while providing residents with customer service as well as a concierge touch to the entry points.

With adding security and a guard house, the officers are able to store mail in separate residential boxes within the 24 hour guards house, this preventing solicitors from harassing your families. With the addition of adding a centralized phone the security officers can even call your residents to verify visitors before we allow them access to the community.

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