Stresses of Being a Security Officer

Being in the profession in the security industry can be overwhelming which can mean different things to different people. Most of the time it can be rewarding, challenging and also provide you with job security. For those with military or police training, it can mean a lot of satisfaction and pride in being in this field. The main job of a security professional is to protect and monitor at all times people, products and buildings. the work of a security guard could also include safeguarding a movie star at a social event or providing overall security to a concert or a festival where there is a large gathering. The job also entails the protection of businesses and their assets against any theft or robbery. The businesses could have any kind of office complexes, could be hospitals, schools, banks etc.

The security guards, to get the job are required to possess many skills and should be on the vigil the whole time. They have to be well-built and alert at all times and have to ensure the protection of whatever they are safeguarding at all times.

R6B Security conducting checksThey are very well-trained and are capable enough to handle any kinds of risks that they would ever have to face in this kind of a profession. They may sometimes be required to patrol areas which are full of danger and they are also required to restrain crimes like vandalism and robbery. They have a huge responsibility on their shoulders and need to be very cautious and calm in order to deal with many situations which may blow out of proportion.

They can face many risks in their profession.

5 risks a security guard can face are:

  • Risk of Carrying Arms
  • Risk of Being Injured
  • Risk of Being Misjudged
  • Risking their life
  • Risk of physical exhaustion

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