Todays Quick Work Place Violence Prevention Tips

Office Violence is unfortunately becoming a likely static within the business community, there have been hundreds of reports a year of physical altercations and even shootings. There are no ways to predict the day a secretly disgruntled employee decides to commit acts of violence within the work place but as office managers their are things you can do to deter such acts. All violence has a origin and with proper policies office managers can detect possible violent acts simply by being  proactive.R6B Security Instructor providing courses to guard


Like most companies we conduct a orientation training to all new comers which explain the procedures which directly sets the anticipated work environment. These rules are everything from attendance, quotas, performance and of course acceptable behaviors towards others. Due to your business work load their maybe times when doing a frequent check up on your employees is unfortunately unrealistic. As a office manager you must find the time to hold minimally schedule quarterly check ups with your employees in a common undistracted area to retrain on communication and simply allow employees to vent. Ensure all employees have the comfortability to voice policy violations or needed changes that have a direct influence on their individual workload.


As a office manager it is extremely vital that each level of the facility, such as the managers, employees, and executives must be put through your companies structured orientation and minimum quarterly retraining. With the proper training, employees will understand what to report and what available resources they have available to them in times of needs.  These policies are not just meant to restrict the actions of employees but rather display a comfortable productive environment that wants the best for the workers at all levels. A big thing is keeping them informed about the new policy and  distributing the policy as wide as possible and be sure to know that every employee understands it. Complaints can be handled well with a set of procedures that take care of them quickly and privately. In summary if co workers are trained in proper safety policy they will naturally identify red flag behaviors of fellow workers.



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