Benefits of Adding Guard House in Gated Communities

Securing Gated Community

A key element of what attracts families to live in gated communities is their elevated sense of life style as well as security, and as a property manager for the HOA or community, it is your responsibility to the community to deliver on this advantage. Learn what steps you can take to improve safety in your community.

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To start out a simple gate around the community or HOA is an excellent addition that attracts certain residents and reinforces the sense of security, but individually with no additional security program, this barrier is just a over priced gate that looks nice when people drive by the community.

By adding a Guard house to the entry and exit points of the community you are not only adding value to the community but a place for your licensed professional Security Officer to conduct checks in effort to deny access of unauthorized personnel.

Like most things anytime you can add value to a community the massive amount of residents will take pride in their area which in return makes community leaders job more efficient. With R6B Security we can add a heighten sense of security to deter criminal activities while providing residents with customer service as well as a concierge touch to the entry points.

With adding security and a guard house, the officers are able to store mail in separate residential boxes within the 24 hour guards house, this preventing solicitors from harassing your families. With the addition of adding a centralized phone the security officers can even call your residents to verify visitors before we allow them access to the community.


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